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Saving Innovation

This is the book Alf is working on at the moment. It deals with innovation, the threat it is under, the manner in which it becomes devalued and lost, and what we can do about all this. It deals with issues such as how innovation fatigue afflicts organizations, why more innovation books isn't necessarily better, and how we need to elevate our innovation cultures to deal with the wicked problems of today. In part a critique of contemporary punditry, in part a passionate argument in defence of creative potential, Saving Innovation challenges what we think we know about one of management thinking's most over-used concepts.

Coming in 2019!

Dangerous Ideas

Dangerous Ideas is a bestselling book on creativity for people who do not like books on creativity. Translated to eight languages (including Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Italian), it challenges the overly positive manner in which creativity is often presented and argues for a broader understanding of the phenomenon – including paying attention to disgusting, childish and unseemly things. For only by daring to push far beyond the realm of the serious and the proper can you truly challenge a business, a system, or yourself.

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The Art of Keynoting

The Art of Keynoting is an ongoing publication on public speaking. It covers issues from basic mistakes to more advanced topics, is frequently opinionated, and written to elevate the art of speaking to large audiences. Although written by a seasoned keynote professional (and open to others with the requisite background), it doesn't assume the reader is a professional (yet). Rather, it tries to be a helpful guide for those interested in being better on stage and in front of an audience. This represents an experiment of sorts for Alf, leveraging the possibilities of Medium and it's publications to create a continuously updated selection of texts on keynoting and public speaking. It is free, and will always be so. If you like it, don't forget to hit the ♥ on the essays!

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If you’re tired of paying so-called experts to tell you about how to capitalize on trends, then why not figure out how to do it on your own? When you learn the basics of trendspotting, you’ve taken a key step towards understanding how these can affect your business, your life, and our world. Rather than presenting an exhausting catalogue of individual trends or methods of trend analysis, this guidebook quickly gives you the tools you need to get out there and start spotting, including basic terminology, fundamental principles and tools, and methodology. You will learn how to:
  • identify micro-, macro-, mega-, and gigatrends;
  • avoid the pitfalls that can make you over-interpret what you see;
  • determine how trends can and will interact with each other; and
  • apply the methodologies that will work best for you.
Trendspotting can be fun as well as profitable. Coming in contact with different cultures and ideas gives you the opportunity to celebrate the weirdness and beauty of the world; it offers you the chance to challenge your own worldview and preconceived notions. You too can go out into the wild world of trends, learning a variety of ways to live and work and love, and Trendspotting—The Basics can help you on the way.

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Unelmien talous

Unelmien talous on kokoelma kolumneja taloudesta, Suomen tulevaisuudesta, yrittäjyydestä, politiikasta, johtamisesta, taiteesta ja strategiasta, matkustusneurooseista ja kateudesta. Niin, ja vanhuksista, lapsista, nuorista, sekä niistä peleistä ja kirjoittamattomista säännöistä, jotka määrittelevät sosiaalista elämäämme. Ruokaa unohtamatta. Toisin sanottuna teos sisältää monenlaista pohdintaa, mutta ei lainkaan transrasvoja. Tekstit on valittu Alf Rehnin tuotannosta vuosien varrelta. Kirjassa yhdistyvät toimivaksi kokonaisuudeksi lehti- ja radiokolumnit, blogikirjoitukset, kommentit ja huomiot. Mukana on myös varta vasten kirjaan kirjoitettuja uudenkarheita juttuja. Kirjaa voi tilata vaikkapa tästä: Sammakon verkkokauppa

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