How can the professor help?

Strategic Advisory

Alf frequently works with companies who wish to change and improve, particularly on issues related to innovation, change and strategy. Drawing on an extensive experience from both research and corporate projects, and utilizing a network of collaborators, Alf has helped companies clarify their strategies, simplify their innovation processes, and develop their cultures. He has worked directly with boards, CEOs and top management teams, but also with operations and frontline personnel. His former clients has included major global corporations in tech, pharma, heavy industry and the retail sector, as well as a series of startups (including but not limited to fintech and consumer-facing companies). He focuses above all things on rapid engagements with critical strategic issues, as well as addressing problems in corporate innovation. He also collaborates with selected other solutions specialists and advisory companies. For inquiries, please see the Connect page.

Work with Corporate Boards

Whereas many academics known corporate life mainly as a field of study, Alf sits on a number of boards as a non-executive director. He has board experience from both billion-dollar corporations and growth-focused startups, as well as with cultural centers in both Europe and the US. Although he takes all his board appointments equally seriously, he takes special pride in some his board-work. An example of this would be serving as the chairman of the board for SFB Agency, a future-oriented, award-winning advertising agency. During the period Alf has been the chairman, the agency has grown rapidly both organically and through a merger, and has established itself as an agency that delivers both on creative excellence and measurable results. (Not to mention helping Alf set up this site.)

Other Projects

In addition to the work above, Alf is also engaged in a number of other projects, either as an angel investor or in an advisory capacity. He often works with startups as well as with non-profit projects. He is especially proud and excited of working with Kyrö Distillery Company and their award-winning Napue Gin, simply because this allows him to engage with several of his favorite things to do at the same time.